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I created Violet & Verve to inspire and propel women over fifty like me. Violet & Verve approaches living- motherhood, marriage, career, you name it, everything, with passion, zest and style. Violet & Verve describes me right now—and my friends and you! This blog is a fun, easy, and entertaining way to explore and document this journey. And, I’ve enlisted a team of qualified experts as guides.

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Salad In A Jar: Easy to Make Power Packed Nutrition on the Go

Nothing Beats a cool crispy, savory salad in the summer. Vegetables are easy to get, beans, and power-packed protein simple…


Sugar Rush: How to Eat Sweets Without Weight Gain

  It’s summer, I’m vaccinated. I want to have fun and be out and about. I have a strong feeling…


Healthy Mixed Berry Muffins

  Who doesn’t love a delish bake good? An indulgence that’s comforting, sweet, with great texture? But I don’t eat…


Mainstream Menopause, Confidence, and Sexual Well-Being: Kate Roberts and The Body Agency

Our bodies over 50: Are you with Me? My fifteen-year-old daughter and my almost 53-year-old self are in the same…


Hot List: Five Items to Buy to Help you Thrive

There are few things I’ve found can help me feel good and live well as I get older, like taking…


Aging Gracefully: Time to Reframe

What Does Aging Look Like? Being at home for the duration of this pandemic catapulted my mid-life desire and action…


All Natural Skin Products: The Best Skincare and Make-up

It would seem that natural skincare and makeup would be the ideal solution to my often red, overly shiny, and…


Spring Wardrobe: My Favorite Six Web Sites

All the stylists’ blogs say “have a uniform that works for you.” And, I’ve determined that in regular person clothes…


Fiber Forever: Manage Hormones with Fiber

I’m not always on the right track. I think I know what I should be eating.  Sleep, exercise, and eating…

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