Brighten up

how to add a youthful glow

Unlike contouring, which tends to make me look too tan, I get more bang for my buck with a highlighter. I give myself a little youthful glow (not sparkle). Think light and bright with a little lift.

I use two different types of highlighter (not at the same time), both having a creamy texture, depending on how my skin feels (dry or oily). My two favorites are from Laura Gellar. They are baked Gelato Swirl and her Easy Illuminating Stick. I got them in the color Diamond Dust which casts a peachy pink opalescence but are totally sheer. One is a creamy stick (for dry days) and the other a creamy powder (for the summer and travel). I put the highlighter on after my foundation and concealer on the upper corners of my cheekbones above my blush, on the insides of my eyes, down the bridge of my nose, above and just below my eyebrow and in my cupid’s bow on my top lip. I put highlighter anywhere I want a lift and layer for intensity.

Try it and see how it brings a dewy brightness to your face!

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