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When I turned fifty, an epiphany hit me…big… I wasn’t alone in feeling curious and committed to “what’s next?” After many casual conversations, and some not so casual, I realized so many of my friends all felt the same way! Life keeps moving forward—my kids are leaving the nest, my husband and I have more time to spend together, and I am finding more opportunity to take better care of myself and explore my interests.

I created Violet & Verve to inspire and propel women over fifty like me. Violet & Verve approaches living- motherhood, marriage, career, you name it, everything, with passion and zest.  Violet & Verve describes me right now—and my friends and you! This blog is a fun, easy, and entertaining way to explore and document this journey. And, I’ve enlisted a team of qualified experts as guides.

My passion for learning and exploring grows with each new experience. I am not afraid to try anything! So far, I’ve sold software for some of the tech giants, raised three kids, been married for almost thirty years, decorated two homes, and built one from scratch. In between all of that, I continue to tweak my fitness and beauty strategies. Sound a lot like you?

Most days you’ll find me still carpooling, writing, interviewing, practicing yoga and taking advantage of any opportunity to be walking or hiking outdoors. In my downtime, I love a good Netflix session.

Despite my busy schedule, I have always put my focus on my relationships, whether with my kids, my sweet husband, or my dear and invaluable friends. The connections and love we nurture with those around us are what make life worth living every day. Let’s face it, having a community makes everything better. And Violet & Verve is our community.

As someone who enjoys educating others, I appreciate the women around me who have taught and continue to teach me the most. They are my inspiration and I hope to share their wisdom with you. I enlist a variety of experts sharing information about life after fifty and what you can do to make what you dream! I want Violet & Verve to be part of your community, a place to learn, grow and enjoy… a place to find more for your life! One woman to another.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did you want to write a blog?

So many conversations with friends, my sisters, and women I had worked with always led to the same discussion, “what are you doing NOW?” Meaning, now that the kids were off to college, or now, that I was looking to change paths, or now, that I’m a bit older?  All of these women, turns out, were thinking about the same thing. Trying out new ideas. New activities. New workouts. Even making new friends. I believe that there needs to be a place for this dialog, this adventure and all of the fabulous things to learn from it. So, I started Violet & Verve to be that place.

Where did you grow up?

While I live in the Mid-Atlantic, I was born and raised in Kansas City and am through and through a midwestern girl at-heart.  I love having family around; I am devoted to my friends and building my community.  Growing up in the Midwest really honed my core values of being kind to everyone around you, help as much as you can and enjoy what comes your way. In these hard times, just a smile and a warm hello can help make someone’s day just a little bit better.  Everyone counts!

How did you and your husband meet?

We met on a blind date! I went to a small women’s college on the east coast and Jon and I were fixed up through friends in my religious organization.  After a three hour first phone call, he asked me out and we have been together ever since.  We did break up once.  It didn’t last too long. 

How many children do you have?

We have three children. Jack , 22, is a senior at Amherst College. Will, 19, is a freshman at Duke, and Charlotte, 14, my baby girl, is an eighth grader!  They have been raised here in Bethesda, Maryland, a suburb outside of Washington, D.C.

What do you do for a living?

My career started in the art world, galleries.  After TAing my way through graduate school in Art History, explaining things became second nature. A friend, whom volunteered with, encouraged me to get a job in the software industry.  Who knew I could sell software? It was a very exciting time until juggling became too challenging — between my schedule, my husband’s and the kids, no one was home.  Back then, there was no “leaning in”—you were either in or out.  I decided to stay home and I really love every minute of it.  It was truly the best decision I ever made.  Now, with everyone starting to launch into the world, it’s time for me to try some things on my own!

What are your favorite activities?

I love anything fitness related, jogging, yoga, barre, Pilates and spin. I lift weights three times a week.  And, I love the outdoors, walking, hiking, biking, and don’t get me started about the beach!  At home, you’ll find me cooking and baking. I’m trying out gardening and I love to read and needlepoint. My grandmother taught me. And, I love to write. I always have.

What are your thoughts on beauty and fashion?

I think women, all women, are beautiful and looking our best at any age just feels good.  Shiny hair, good cut, flattering and stylish clothes with pretty make-up—all wonderful.  But, I know that you’ve got to FEEL good to look good.  So, for me, inner beauty is just as important as what is going on the outside. Good health — mental, physical and emotional, all contribute to that “glow” we all want.  So, the most important element of beauty lies in taking care of ourselves—inside and out.

What is your dream for Violet & Verve?

That Violet & Verve becomes the lifestyle destination – motivating and inspiring women who are fifty and beyond. Putting more into our lives means we’re going to get more out of it! More is more!