My Stylist Makeover: The New Wardrobe Right in My Closet

I Love Clothes

I’d like to think I’ve curated a very user friendly wardrobe with designer classics, shopping trip one-offs, and terrific sale finds.  I think I have pretty great style sense. I must, because my friends call me for fashion advice all the time!

Lately, though, my fashion mojo is waning. It’s more than I don’t feel good in my own skin. I don’t feel good in my clothes. My body still rocks it, the clothes don’t feel like me. I don’t want to shop for even more items, so how can I see myself and my clothes in harmony? How do my clothes show who I am now? I called in a stylist to help me re-style my look with just what I have in my own closet.

I called a lot of stylists in the area and the woman that was most understanding, kind, and wise was a stylist who has been in the business for years and travels everywhere! Her names is Joyce Neave @joyceneave.

Joyce has the best eye for size, shape, color, and fit. She’s discerning about trends and classics. I found that she’s able to blend them seamlessly.

Tenents of Style

  • She truly belives that style is the simplest form of self expression. People feel most comfortable and confident when their outward appearance matches who they are on the inside.  She says personal style is about expressing who we are, what we think, and how we want to move through the world.
  • Her job as a stylist is to fine-tune my client’s wardrobe and desired style so that they are comfortable and confident and feel like their best self. Confidence soars when people feel they look their best.
  • She curates complete wardrobes by understanding each client’s desired style (look) uniquely for them.

I’ll show you a few outfits she made look more like me. It was work trying items on, vetoing a lot, but we so much fun. As we worked on the clothes, we talked, she got to know me, and even helped me define a few things for myself! As we moved  from one  look to the next, I felt good, sexy, and smart — in my own clothes, in my own style.

So, we started our session with a few simple goals, to have a daily look, a date night look, and going-out look. All of which started with a first “draft” of how I’d put it together, and then she edited with my own pieces to show me how to change-it-up for the better. And Joyce sure did!

Look 1

Notice how my whole outfit just looks so much better with the new bag and shoe selection. She took my Andrew Gn dress and elevated it to a new level of chic. Swapping the Chanel bag for the unique Louis Vuitton and more delicate Aquazurra shoes. French in DC!


Look 2

There is nothing like a great white blouse! Look how feminine and flattering this J.Crew Outlet linen blouse looks. Slims and trims. Joyce made a point of showing me how a more tailored, fitted blouse (darts in the back) with a nice neckline (not spread collar) creates a slimming and pretty look.  Put it under a tailered blazer

with a jeweled belt and I’m off to work, carpool, or even dinner in one outfit!

Here’s a more casual look, different bag, designer t-shirt, plain belt. In look one, Joyce took my uniform above and made better, simply with a different selection of accessories and blouse!

Look 3

For date night she really made a subtle, but major improvement. See if you can tell what’s changed…

The bootcut jean vs. the legging pant! This change-up really updated my look with pointy-toe boots instead of the rounded suede ones; all of which create a more hip vibe, yet still me! And let’s not forget the Dior satchel replaced by the snakeskin crossbody! It lightens and lifts the whole look.

Look 4

Finally, she put together a look without any prompt that used some of my best items and created a clothes collage that made me feel so confident and AMAZING!


An old J. Mendel top got new life with an everyday pleated skirt and big hoop earrings! I cannot wait to go out in this look! I feel fabulous..and so chic!

Joyce created a simple, comfortable capsule  wardrobe that fits my body, personality and lifestyle, on absolutely no budget. By the time we were finished, I knew I had a new friend and fashion tutor. Even when I thought I didnt need one!

I asked her if she had a fashion mantra:

She said, “I don’t think I really have one, but the one piece of advice that I say often and whole heartedly believe and stand by is…
But never buy anything just because it is on sale, buy something you love, invest, and if it’s on sale! All the better!”

Contact Joyce, Joyce Neave @joyceneave.

And Check out her great designer denim jackets @ReVival_RePurpose

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