Salad In A Jar: Easy to Make Power Packed Nutrition on the Go

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Nothing Beats a cool crispy, savory salad in the summer. Vegetables are easy to get, beans, and power-packed protein simple to store. On my Insta feed, I’m getting all kinds of easy-to-make vinaigrette recipes popping up, and being outside so much just makes me hungry. What to eat that helps me feels good, stay healthy and give me energy—salad!!!

Guess what? Have a salad, will travel! Throw a seal-tight jar in your bag packed with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains and something healthy is ready to eat any time. Sure, I’m a huge fan of Chopped and Sweet Green, but often I find myself far away from any one of those great stops. When I saw Anna Helm Baxter’s book, Salad in a Jar, I knew I’d found the key to healthy eating on the go beyond the apple in my purse. And she should know as a busy Mom, baker, and caterer, eating well has to be fast and easy!

She’s got health-boosting recipes filled with fresh vegetables, heart-healthy fats, delicious dressings, and whole grains. Her salads are great as snacks keeping me satisfied from mid-morning to afternoon and afternoon to dinner. In short, quarter-page recipes, which require very little more than chopping or some stirring, Baxter pulls together delicious, easy, nutritious meals that are interesting and fun.

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  • The size of your jar controls your portion size. I found the perfect light weight plastic mason jar to use. And the ingredients literally ARE the recipe. You mix, chop, stack, and go!
  • She’s got everything in there from a tuna, fennel and white bean salad sprinkled with kalamata olives, chickpeas and a touch of green onion, and a few broccoli sprouts. With a delicious vinaigrette—it’s high in fiber and protein and low on the glycemic index. She’s got another one that’s so sweet and savory with sprouts, parmesan, and pecans with dried cranberries and a few brussels sprouts. There are also classics like a cobb salad that can be made in 15 minutes by layering tomatoes, Persian cucumbers, chicken breast, hard-boiled egg, avocado, and a little crumbled cheese beneath some crisp romaine. The vinaigrette is beyond amazing for this super lean and clean protein booster which helps build and repair tissue and is a building block for bones, muscle, skin, and blood!
  • For an easy snack, I love her grapefruit, pistachio, and watercress salad layered with some very thin radish and watercress. I’ve found it to be a great weight loss salad with lots of fiber to keep me full and water to keep me hydrated.

We all know that food is medicine but here’s the thing… good food is medicine for the soul!

Baxter makes this happen for food-on-the go! Check her out!

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