Spring Wardrobe: My Favorite Six Web Sites

where to buy a spring wardrobe

All the stylists’ blogs say “have a uniform that works for you.” And, I’ve determined that in regular person clothes talk this means a white t-shirt or blouse and jeans, with a blazer, striped sweater, or sweatshirt worn, slung, or tied over the whole shebang. Where’s the fun in that…or the style?

Spring shopping always gets me in the mood for fun in the sun. I think of dressing for breezy cocktails on my porch, a picnic outside my kitchen, walks near the water in Georgetown. I love the softer fabrics, bright colors, and all of the blouses!  I’m focusing on comfortable dresses for inside work and outside socializing and fabulous blouses, all kinds…and shoes, why not! Check out my favorite online spots for those unique pieces that feel good to wear.

Here’s my List:

Rochelle Behrens, The Shirt: Find the perfect button-down in the perfect color, print, and cut for the preppy and minimalist. She’s also got romantic styles and some beautiful dresses all at prices that are surprisingly affordable for the style.

No. 6 Store: Get the “downtown look” without looking so far down downtown.  You’ll find everything from beautiful knits to the perfect silk print.  And this store’s stable of small business designers works for any shape and size.  Honestly, it’s a single stop for a spring wardrobe.

The Bazilika: The most sumptuous minimalist knits for every occasion and season, fabulous dresses that can go out to dinner with strappy sandals or barefoot at home. They have style versatility and sumptuous all wrapped into one brand.

Fleur-Boutique: This Raleigh, NC boutique provides custom box delivery of the best-curated assortment of designers. The stylish clothes have great color and cut with just a touch of whimsy for real style. If you have a special event and want to stand out, contact them. Check out their IG, and you’ll see what I mean, @fleurraleigh.

Evi Grintela: Here is the most gorgeous shirt dresses ever found. Fabric, patterns, fit all convey a classic style understated with a touch of fun and flare. And there is a cotton blouse for every woman on this website.  No doubt you will find one that looks perfect on zoom, walks, to outdoor fun. Check them out.

Lisa Statt Jewelry: This LA-based jewelry designer does beads, necklaces, like no one else—fun and delicate to serious and heavy, but not too weighty, in many styles and adorned in the way I love. I swear her pieces are flattering on everyone, and while definitely grown-up, they’re still affordable. These pieces make you feel young and hip! Perfect for layering or gift-giving.

Enjoy “the shop” as my Mother-In-Law always calls her shopping escapades. Nothing feels better than something fresh, especially now and for spring to feel here. It’s amazing how a new blouse can feel me hopeful.

More top shops to come but in the meantime, please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on my list, what you’re looking for and how you did?




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2 thoughts on “Spring Wardrobe: My Favorite Six Web Sites

  1. I love this post because after more than a year of leggings and “whatever” tops I needed the inspiration to take my look (as if I have one) up at least a notch or four ( at the fourth notch I get to the point where wearing make-up becomes an enhancement rather than an over-reach ). So thank you and keep in writing to enlighten.